LoveisLove214 Photographer Yuki Aoyama & Japan Lesbian Gay Association Love is variety. Faces, styles, or sexuality, are not so important if we love. Love is original. How we love is different from each other. But we carry the same feeling. To know many kinds of love broadens our world, Understand yourself more deeply. Now, let's change our world with “love”.

About the exhibition This exhibition is a project to transmit the message, “Love is Variety”. For Japanese, 14th Feb, Valentine’s day, is a special day, when women are encouraged to express Love to men by giving chocolates. We decided to start this project from this special day. To spread the message, we created this website. By pushing share button at the bottom of each piece, please help to carry these messages to many people. We wish Valentine's day will become a day when everybody considers “what love is”. Please scroll down to enjoy our gallery.


To realize this exhibition, we got backing from
74 private contributors and 3 corporate supporters through crowdfunding.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you.
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    YMAKI、MIZUHO.、ことみ、kaminoya、戸高功資、高瀬唯、山口よし子、津曲弥也、OrsoBianco、清水葵、A. Takasaki、最上嘉美、空沼、めない、源平夏輝、ノギム、きゃべたん、甲斐美津希、いろはん、ホリエアキノブ、桑原友希、平田健太郎、中山雄介、桑島健太郎、井上彩乃、じーや、HIKARU、白木麗弥、宮本のぞみ、赤星勝己、Blue Leopard(青柳麗央)、Flying Kite (、HAL_dynast、塩澤綾乃、匿名希望41名、計74名
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